What happened to David!

Wow, what a whirlwind of happenings over the past few weeks. We had always planned to leave the Austin area when things started to get warm and humid. The original plan was to pack up mid April and head to higher ground in Northern New Mexico. We ended up heading out a couple months late but we made it. Taos and Questa New Mexico are beautiful, quiet, and the weather is nice and cool. After spending several weeks there it became clear that there was a small problem. For whatever reason I was not adapting well to the 7400’ elevation. Short of breath, light headed, and headaches. Typically if people adapt it should happen within the first couple weeks. It was pretty evident I was not improving. We made plans to move down a few thousand feet and try again later. Something unexpected came up, we were offered a work camping job on the Northern California coast. We are going to be operating out of Klamath California for the summer. If you find yourself in northwest California and need some RV related help give me a call 855-IFixRVs.

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