Recommended Products

These are products I use in my own RV and recommend to my clients:

The links below may be affiliate links. This means that if you purchase items through these links, I might earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Your purchases are always anonymous.

Surge Protector: Every rig should have one when connected to shore power. Progressive Industries 50 Amp (SSP-50XL) or 30 Amp (SSP-30XL) are quick and easy to install, and have a lifetime warranty.

Happy Campers Holding Tank Treatments, environmentally friendly odor control for black and gray tanks without added perfumes or masking scents: 18 treatments or 64 treatments.

Water Pressure Regulator. Water pressure can fluctuate wildly from park to park, and even from day to day within a park. A regulator can prevent water leaks and avoid costly repairs.

3M Command Hooks. Hang anything anywhere with all kinds of Command Hooks, without damaging (most) interior surfaces.

Water Filtration System: 2 stage or 3 stage. Most park water is safe, but this will offer more protection and your water will taste better.

RVLock Keyless Entry. Replace your door’s deadbolt with this keyless entry system and never forget your keys again.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). I’ve been using a TST 507 system with cap sensors (replaces valve stem caps, not mounted inside the tire) for temperature and pressure monitoring of RV tires while on the road.