Time for the annual roof inspection!

All RVers know that their roof is the first line of defense against water infiltration. Maintaining your roof is vital. Some years it just needs a good cleaning, other years it may need sealer inspection and touch up. If you put it off too long you could be procrastinating yourself into a long and expensive repair. If you need me, I’ll be in my office!

Don’t neglect your water heater!

Two to three times a year I bypass my water heater, drain the tank, and rinse out any sediment that build up. We full time in our RV so the water heater stays on all the time. This can cause a lot of sediment buildup in the tank. My tank is steel so I also check the anode rod for excessive loss. The last inspection and cleaning I found the anode was close to needing replacement. I replaced the anode along with the P&T valve because it was weeping excessively. I could also pull out the electric heating element but …

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Home on Wheels Alliance

Want to help out a good cause and have a chance at winning a nice trailer? I just donated to the Home on Wheels Alliance through one of their fundraiser programs with a chance to win a 6×10′ Nomad Trailer by WeeRoll. They are helping senior citizens, the working poor, and people with disabilities from becoming truly homeless by providing safe vehicles to live in. This fundraiser program ends on 11/12/2020 and they are still a bit short of their goal. Please help them out. Thank you. Follow this link to help donate with a chance to win the trailer …

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What happened to David!

Wow, what a whirlwind of happenings over the past few weeks. We had always planned to leave the Austin area when things started to get warm and humid. The original plan was to pack up mid April and head to higher ground in Northern New Mexico. We ended up heading out a couple months late but we made it. Taos and Questa New Mexico are beautiful, quiet, and the weather is nice and cool. After spending several weeks there it became clear that there was a small problem. For whatever reason I was not adapting well to the 7400’ elevation. …

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Thank you Austin and Bastrop Texas!

David’s Mobile RV Service is currently traveling to our summer location in the northern New Mexico area near Questa. We have enjoyed meeting and working with all of our new customers in the East Austin area. We are looking forward to returning in the future. Thank you to Jim and all the crew at the Highway 71 RV Park. If you are looking for a friendly and comfortable place to park your RV while visiting the Austin area I definitely recommend them. Special thank you to Amanda and the crew at Bastrop Mobile Home & RV Parts store in Bastrop …

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You never know what you will find

When ever I take the cover off someone’s roof top AC unit I repeat the same mantra over and over, “no bees, no bees, no bees”. I am not really worried about honeybees, it’s more than likely I will run into their hornet cousins or a family of mud dobbers. Don’t get me wrong, I have spray but I don’t like having to use it. On a recent call I had to investigate why a furnace in a recently purchased trailer was not working properly. It’s an older trailer and had been used in a warm dry desert area for …

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