Installing a Laundry Chute in Our RV

Where do we hide our dirty laundry? With limited space, we needed a place to store it until laundry day. Our rig has a pass-through storage compartment under the front of the trailer, which is under the bedroom closet.

Rather than keeping a hamper for dirty clothes alongside the clean clothes in the closet, I decided to make a laundry chute.

the front of an RV with an arrow pointing to the storage door on the bottom side, and the words "pass-thru storage."

I cut a square hole in the floor of the closet by cutting an “X” in the carpeting and a square out of the board underneath. Using a hot glue gun I glued the carpet through and under the hole leaving a nice finished edge of the opening. I cut a scrap piece of particle board to fit the opening and some closely matching carpet from a previous project to cover the door. Adding some nice hidden hinges, a magnetic catch, and a handle and we have a laundry chute!

View of a square opening with carpeted door

The lower storage is accessible from the outside. We use a laundry-basket-sized heavy duty tote to hold the laundry in the storage unit, which we can easily pull out on laundry day.

View of the front pass-through storage area with the laundry toat under the laundry chute

As with any new project, the cats have to inspect the project before, during, and after completion. I had hoped that the magnetic catch would deter them from opening the door, but nothing can deter our Tycho. We are careful not to store anything unsafe for cats in that particular storage area.

View of Tycho the cat sitting at the bottom of the open laundry chute area

Laundry kitty is pleased with our decision to provide him with a spare bedroom.

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