Have you checked your brakes? You should stop and read this if you can.

Before we left Phoenix, I spent some time crawling under our trailer inspecting its brakes, suspension, and axles. Until now, we had only hauled our house for a few very short trips, so thankfully things were still fairly clean down there. The trailer has an electric brake system on all four tires. One of the first things I noticed was the electrical feeds to these brakes were not protected in any way, and they could rub on the metal surfaces: a potentially dangerous situation down the road.

View of the driver side trailer break wiring without protection

view of the drivers side break area

view of the passanger side break area

I purchased plastic wire loom and wire ties to cover and protect the wires. The wire loom is corrugated and flexible, but split down one side so it is easy to install without unhooking anything. I slipped the loom over all exposed wiring and secured it with wire ties and clips. I maintained sag loops to allow for suspension movement.

view of the drivers side break area with wire loom protecting the break wires

view of the passanger side rear break wiring with protected wire loom

Trailer brakes are vital to driving any large rig safely. It is important to maintain your entire brake system. Hopefully this modification will keep us on the road, and is a good reminder to our fellow travelers, too. Have you checked your brakes lately?

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