Bedside Cabinets

While we still lived in a sticks-and-bricks home and I had my wood shop, I did some last-minute cabinetry for our RV. Above the windows on each side of the bed was a space that had the potential for a small cabinet. The existing cabinets above the headboard had vertically-opening doors that were several inches away from the wall on each side.

view of the wall space above the left bedside window

If I kept the cabinets shallow enough, they should fit. First, I drew up a plan for two cabinets, and then I made a wood cut plan. I chose poplar for the cabinets to keep the weight down, and to better match the other cabinets.

view of stacks of poplar wood for cabinet making

There would be a single door and room for two shelves inside each cabinet, and a water bottle shelf. The shelves are large enough for things like average-sized pill bottles, small packs of tissues, eye drops, and lip balm.

Rather than a plain panel door, I routered out the center panel space to be used as a picture frame. I installed a clear plexiglass face and a fiberboard backing, held in with glazing points.

view of the left hand bedside cabinet with the front door open

view of the left bedside cabinet with the door closed

I attached the cabinets to the existing cabinet and the wall.

view of the right hand bedside cabinet installed

view of the left hand bedside cabinet installed

This was my last official project to come out of my wood shop garage before we moved into our RV. Let me know what you think.

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